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About Us

Shady Hill Gardens has gained a national reputation as geranium specialists, after more than 30 years of breeding, propagating and growing geraniums of every color, shape, size and scent imaginable. Although geraniums are our calling card, Shady Hill also produces a wide range of bedding plants, herbs, hanging baskets, vegetables, perennials and finished planters each spring. You can also find poinsettias at Christmas, as well as mums and other autumn offerings in the fall. As with the geraniums, we looking for different, unique and uncommon plants in all of the different crops that we grow. Sometimes those are new varieties and sometimes they are older plants that have been forgotten.

After the spring of 2007, Chuck’s two oldest sons, Matt and Joe, took over ownership of Shady Hill Gardens and the entire operation moved to the greenhouse in Elburn. The Elburn facility is a state of the art Dutch, glass greenhouse that has many efficiency features that make it enjoyable for our customers, as well as our staff. Shady Hill has had greenhouses on this property since 1993 and has been open for retail sales here since 1999.

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